Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

A Denim Dip - set gm-2w46

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The Denim Dip

Lady Amaranth goes for a paddle

Dressed for the country in rubber boots, blue jeans, white jumper and blue denim jacket, Lady Amaranth goes for a paddle in the river below the viaduct.

She takes the jacket off for the first part of the paddle, and without it she slowly wades upstream and down into the deeper water near the beautiful stone arches. First she floods her boots, then wades gradually deeper, drowning her jeans, and then dips herself shoulder-deep in the water. She plays in the river, showing off her soaked clothes, before returning to where she left her jacket, putting it on over her soaked jumper, and drenching it, and the rest of her outfit for a second time, lying down in the flowing water. Finally she poses, soaking wet, on a fence by the roadside above the water.