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Wedding Dress Wetting - set gm-2w55

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Wedding Dress Wetting

Chamber-wench Maude the pre-Raphaelite artist

All truly great country houses tend to accumulate large and eclectic libraries, reflecting the diverse tastes of their owners down through the centuries, and Saturation Hall is no exception. Lady Jasmine's library, occupying not just the designated room but sprawling on random bookcases throughout the manor-house, covers diverse subjects from steam engineering to alchemy, from natural history to witchcraft, and needless to say covers every form of art known to man.

Which is how young Maude, youngest of the chamber-wenches, came to fall in love with the flowing beauty of the work of the Victorian pre-Raphaelite artists, spending her every off-duty moment of the winter devouring the huge collection of books on the subject Lady Jasmine's late mother had added to the household collection.

And of course you can't study the pre-Raphaelites without coming across the legendary lady Ophelia. What more excuse does a young lass need? Into a convenient wedding dress, and into the river she went! Though just for variety, Chastity gave her a good dousing with fizzy cola down her dress first. After all, great art has to re-invent itself.