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Nurses Of The Mudbanks - set gm-3m012

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Nurses Of The Mudbanks

Lucia and Honeysuckle take a uniformed mudbath

Honeysuckle, in a navy blue nurses uniform dress, dark blue tights, and black wellies, and Lucia, in navy blue nurses uniform tunic and trousers, and blue wellies, come down the mudbanks to the water's edge and play in the mud together. The tide was almost all the way out and the warm weather had rather dried out the mud, so they set to work making it sloppier again by taking their wellies off, filling them with water, and pouring it onto the mud to make it wetter before sitting and sliding in it.

Over the course of the scene they manage to get properly muddy, the tide on the river also starts to rise again, making the mud even sloppier as the water level rises.

Both girls get totally covered in mud from head to toe.

At the end of the scene the girls go fully into the river water to wash off before clambering back up the mudbanks.