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Jodhpur Mud Fun - set gm-3m013

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  • gm-3m013-v1 (25 minutes, 01 seconds)
  • gm-3m013-v2 (05 minutes, 47 seconds)

Jodhpur Mud Fun

Lucia and Honeysuckle go wild!

Identically dressed in tight black jodhpurs, dark blue polo shirts, and green wellies, Honeysuckle and Lucia hit the mudbanks for some good old fashioned sloppy fun. First they explore to decide which gully to play in, and then Honeysuckle pushes Lucia over backwards, splat! so she falls bum-first into the mud. Needless to say Lucia soon pulls Honeysuckle in beside her and from then on they steadily cover themselves and each other in glutinous riverbank mud.

Later on they acquire a couple of buckets and use them to add river water to the mix to make it even sloppier for them to roll over and over in.

Once they are both totally drenched in mud from head to toe, they take to the river to try and wash the worst of it off, except they then crawl out via the very sloppy gully they'd just been playing in, so the still end up mud-drenched to their thighs anyway.

Technical: There is a separate video for the going in the river section, the first video is entirely the two girls playing in the mud. There's also a small photoset.