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Maude Mud Denim Playsuit - set gm-3m023

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Maude Mud Denim Playsuit

Happy mudsliding and mudbathing with our delightful chamberwench

Maude, dressed in a lovely long-sleeve denim playsuit, with bare legs and blue Hunter wellies, spends a happy afternoon in the mudbanks, mudsliding down the gully side and rolling and bathing in the deep pool of sloppy mud at the bottom. She gets totally drenched in mud from head to toes, she takes her wellies off part way through and gets her bare feet totally covered in mud too, and stays barefoot for the rest of the scene.

Eventually she slides all the way down the bank and into the river, washes herself off, and finally squenches barefoot back up the mudbank, stopping to pick up her wellies on the way.

There's a particularly nice section near the start where she's slid down the first time and decided the slide needs improving, so she's sitting almost waist deep in the liquid mud, top half of her outfit still clean, energetically splashing mud up onto the slide to make it more slippery.