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Honeysuckle PVC Mudbath - set gm-4m007

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  • gm-4m007-v1 (16 minutes, 42 seconds)

Honeysuckle PVC Mudbath

Shiny PVC catsuit in the mudbanks!

Honeysuckle wears a shiny black PVC catsuit and shiny Hunter wellies for a spectacular and very sloppy riverbank mudbath. Lots of sliding, crawling, and rolling in the luxurious semi-liquid mud as she gets totally covered in mud until the only thing left clean are her blue aviator shades!

She takes her wellies off part way through the scene and plays barefoot from then on.

Eventually she slides down to the water's edge and takes a bath in the river to wash the worst of the mud off.

Only a few photos, but the video was mastered in 4K and shot up close and personal right in the mud with Honeysuckle, so you get to see every detail as she gets muddier and muddier through the scene.