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Princess Ballgown Mudbath - set gm-4m016

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Princess Ballgown Mudbath

Isabeau and Lady Jennifer meet the mud in gorgeous gowns

Two beautiful princesses in gorgeous shimmery gowns go exploring the Marsh House Mudbanks together - could anything be more romantic?

Dressed in gorgeous gowns, shimmering pink for Isabeau and iridescent blue for Lady Jennifer, our two lovely ladies leap into the mudbanks and demonstrate just how such outfits should really be treated. They start off with wellies on under their dresses but those come off within the first few minutes and they do the rest of the scene barefoot. Lots of sliding down, and crawling back up, the wonderfully sloppy mudbanks, as they gradually reduce their finery to mud-drenched ruin.

Even after a fair few slides, they still have clean bits, so into the pool of sloppy mud at the bottom of the gully they go to roll over and ensure the dresses are completely covered in thick liquid mud. Their hair gets the treatment too, Isabeau's raven-black locks and Lady Jennifer's shimmering purple both vanishing under a tide of lovely liquid muck.

And then at the end, they take to the river to attempt to wash their dresses clean-ish. At the very end, still in the river, they take their dresses off and clamber back out carrying them, wearing just their underwear.