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I Like Wet Shorts! - set gm-4w002

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I Like Wet Shorts!

Honeysuckle takes a dungeon bath in shiny shorts

Dressed in her favourite black halterneck swimsuit, black shiny nylon shorts, black Adidas sports socks, and pink genuine Converse trainers, Honeysuckle has been out for a run on the estate, and now she's going to take a relaxing dungeon bath in a large paddling pool full of warm water, and four rubber ducks.

She steps into the pool, soaking her socks and causing air to bubble up from her shoes, then she pours water down the front and back of her outfit, she covers her shorts in shampoo, and then she takes a nice bath, playing in the water, spraying herself with the hose, and getting totally soaked from head to feet.

Splashing good fun!