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Two Tone Dress Bath - set gm-4w007

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Two Tone Dress Bath

Maude takes a dungeon bath in a nice demure dress

What better way to spend a wet Spring afternoon than to take a nice, relaxing, fully clothed bath in the paddling pool in the dungeon?

Maude wears a very demure green and cream long sleeve maxi dress, over black bikini bottoms and a black crop top, and green Hunter wellies. She steps into the already filled pool, and as the dress starts to get wet, we realise it's also going as bit see-through. She wets it slowly, first just walking around in the water, then she squats and dips her bottom in, before letting herself fall back to sit on the pool bottom and soak the dress to her waist. As the back of the dress gets wet we can start to see her black underwear beneath the soaked material.

She plays in the water and fully soaks the dress, including completely submerging with her head under water, and then plays in the bath, totally drenched. She stands up and does back falls, kneels and does hair flicks, soaps up the dress and washes it off, and plays with the colourful Ducks of Doom. Eventually she takes the drenched dress off, and plays for a little while in her black high waist bikini pants, bra top, and wellies, all of which she soaps up and risnse off too.

Then she puts the wet dress back on, lies back in the water, and relaxes.